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JULY 12TH & 13TH

Join us in celebrating 45 great years since Charli opened the store!

I am not sure if i could have imagined 45 years, what the fashions would be or what I could become.

Changes do happen, girls grow into women, technology, hair in colors of the rainbow….so many styles that are going to be just as hilarious in the next years as looking back on past, trust me.

Overwhelmingly though, the girls, the women, the stories are so the same. Loving the unchangeable unique qualities in each woman that I get to dress, actually make me realize some things do not change. I love all the women who have passed through my doors and given this girl now woman her dream. I am not sure I have words.

Thank you for 45 years

July 12 1974, the doors opened to 1000 square foot dream. At 10:00 pm the night before opening I sat on top my car cross legged and starred at the store front, the windows all dressed and marveled that so many friends and their friends showed up to make this all come together. Little did I know the adventure i was starting, the new friends I would make, the twists, the turns, the upsets and laughter that would make you dizzy, if I had known, I would have probably been terrified.  but one step at a time, trusting  that one bigger than me had a plan for me, and somehow got me to 45 years!

A year and half after opening I expanded the store by about 650 sq ft to add an area for the new category of clothing called contemporary. High style with a young look that i believed was beautiful, it worked. So still in my mid twenties I decided to build a free standing building in the front middle of the center of about 3,000 sq ft. I loved high ceilings and sky lights, plants and  things that had just a bit different look, both in design of store and style. November of 1977 moved into my dream store, with everything I dreamed of even a office. So much fun! I became a part of the community, in so many areas, learned to market my store, go hand in hand with other businesses to make a better environment but most of all I met so many wonderful people of this community. Memories that make a life.   In 1980, Calvin, my son, came into my life and the scattered everything that I thought I knew into a million directions, the new adventure that is the best thing in my life, he blesses my life everyday. I stayed home for a year and then in 1981 decided to expand the store by 1000 square feet to add evening wear. So I took out one side of the store and added a beautiful area, and learned to never think I could be a general contractor.

As one of those twist and turns can go, in 1996, the center I was in did a redevelopment and sold the land my store was on to On the Border. On Oct 31, I was given 90 days to relocate, really terrifying because I had no place to go. One of the most interesting times of my life, one step at a time I negotiated, imagined, saw a new dream. I gutted a building that had 8 foot ceiling, linoleum flooring and florence lights…a vet clinic and eye doctor all the way to the steel griders…yes it was terrifying and then designed the store that is Charli’s at 505 University Dr E.

It is fun to guess which things in the store were moved from the old store to the new.

We are still finishing the last remodel….every few years it happens to give each customer the best shopping experience of their lives.

Truly, we all care and love each of you, customer service is so important, but easy when you have such amazing wonderful customers.

Please join us celebrating 45 years with you!

Thank you